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[1] Ni, X., Wang, Y. and Yin, S., 2021. Does Modern Information Technology Attenuate Managerial Information Hoarding? Evidence from EDGAR Implementation. Journal of Corporate Finance, 71, 102100.

[2] Wang, Y. and Yin, S., 2021. Hiring Retirement-age CEOs. European Financial Management 27, 641-665.

[3] Wang, Y. and Yin, S., 2018. CEO Educational Background and Acquisition Target Selection. Journal of Corporate Finance 52, 238-259.

Working Papers

[1] Mergers, Product Prices, and Innovation: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry​ (With Alice Bonaimé)

[2] Firm reputation and the cost of bank debt (Job Market Paper) 

[3] Takeover Threats and Stock Price Crash Risk, Revisited (With Xiaoran Ni and David Yin)

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